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Collecting your Poultry

Collecting your poultry, just a few things to remember.

What will you be transporting your new poultry in ?

If you are going to transport your poultry only once, or just a few times, you might think about using a cat/pet carrier. It needs to be the right height, not too open and well ventilated and have ample opening not to make the Chicken feel too claustiphobic.

Dog carriers are another good form of transportation if you can get hold of one, they make ideal carriers for poultry.

Cardboard Boxes. but be aware , the reason being they insulate heat, so make sure they are well ventilated.

We do keep transport boxes on site, but for a small cost. Please give us a ring 01491 875142 to discuss your requirements.


Remember to take special care on those hot summers days by opening windows and shade the chickens from the direct Sun light.

Never overpack poultry, they could injure themselves or if they panicked, can cause stress to your new hens.

Remember, It's more than likely this is the  first journey they've ever had. So try and keep the journey as short as possible.


We have fertile hatching eggs for sale throughout most off the year. Our breeding stock are free range and are fed on the highest quality food. We hatch here throughout the year so keep a constant check on fertility levels.

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